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Faith and Hope


We must give faith and hope for the hurt ones and many more at the Boston Marathon. Write in the comments bellow something you would pack in a box and send to the people who lost someone at the Boston Marathon.
                                         PLEASE DO!!

story to photo

DownloadedFile-2is a thing that helps everyone with their problems. And it's a word that would describe you, if you care about......

-Your Life
- and Other Humans

Sorry that I couldn't finish my last post. I'll finish it sometime. 
Just think about this word for a minute and find YOUR definition of the word JOY.

               Tell me YOUR definition of the word JOY in the comments.

Back Again!

I haven't posted anything on my account in a long time. So I'm just back again! Anyways, while I was gone, I had lots of drama and lots of thinking about my future. I keep on thinking about how I would like to be, and I mean LOVE to be a famous actress! Mostly my dream is to be in movies and TV shows. I was watching the SAG Awards, I was thinking about my future in acting. Also when I was gone I was writing a book called, Run Away Dream. It's about a girl who has a dream to run. She started running at the age 3 and was on her first team when she was only 5. I'll tell you more on my next post!
SEE YOU LATER!!!!!!*******

Having a fun time with my friend!!!!


images-1Funny pics!!!imagesDownloadedFile-2images-4images-5images-3funny-dog-pictures-happy-and-boogerFunny!!!

R I P Donna Summer

I miss you Donna Summer!!! Rest In Piece. R I P
DownloadedFile-1 MISS YOU!!!


When I am at school, I feel like dancing or singing, but I sometimes I can't stop laughing when it comes to something funny.


I really hate Minecraft!!! I don't know about anything on there!!!!!!!!!


I have a really good friend!!! She is so cool, she has really cool vans too!!!! She has a wonderful family, like her parents and her sister. Plus her!!!!!

"MOTO, MOTO!!!!!!!"


"THE FOOSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O"